A year on

In July 2017, myself and my parents (Paul and Kay) took the exciting decision to create ‘On The Farm Celebrations’ at our family farm in Somerset. This decision came about after two family wedding receptions that were held at the farm, one of these being my own. The response from our guests and wedding suppliers planted a seed in our heads that we could provide the opportunity for other couples to celebrate their weddings at our farm. Our primary aim was to allow couples to create their dream wedding reception using the paddock as a blank canvas. We committed to not create ties with suppliers, thus giving complete freedom to the couples, allowing them to choose and work with the suppliers that met there vision.

Without doubt this has been an incredibly fun and fulfilling year. We have hosted two receptions and four themed photo shoots (blogs about these will appear in due course). We have attended wedding fairs and appeared on the front of the Western Daily Press. We have met and worked with some incredibly gifted suppliers and wonderful couples. It goes without saying that the decision to start up this business was one of the best we have come up with in recent years. Here’s to moving onwards and upwards with our beautiful venue.